Houston is one of the largest and most diverse cities in the US. At the Houston Plunge, join us as we discover the Gospel at work in Houston's various communities. We will enter into God’s story, specifically understanding brokenness and also seeking beauty within the history, artistry, and experiences of our neighbors. 

During the Houston Plunge you will:

1. Discover the Gospel holistically, seeing that it is what unifies the communities of Houston - to one another and to the rest of the world.

2. Be developed in your ethnic identity and your role in God’s heart for missions on this earth, the cities we inhabit, and the campuses we receive an education at.

3. Serve the city of Houston and the organizations we plan to serve with.

4. Learn about our neighbors' histories and receive exposure to various stories and experiences.


Friday March 8th to Wednesday March 13th, 2024

Registration Fees:

  • Early Bird - $100 by Dec 31, 2023, enter coupon code: EARLY
  • Regular - $140 by February 3, 2024, enter coupon code: HP24
  • Late - $180 by March 2, 2024

A $50 deposit is required upon registration.

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Be a driver and save $25 on your registration.

Returning students who lead a small group can also save $25.

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